Unique branded packaging options

Own-label packaging gives your brand authority and gets you back to business

Ventil can be provided as a white-label product, packaged individually on our sterile wrapping line using your brand identity across all packaging.

By helping you deliver the authority of your brand to your customers at key ‘touch points’ such as entry to your facilities, we can support how your brand demonstrates its concerns for your clients’ wellbeing.

We can also supply wholesale, palleted to your specifications, and provide counter-top branded POS dispensers, further reinforcing your commitment.

Whether you’re an airline or other travel operator, a retailer, facilities manager at a sports stadium or concert arena, we can help you get back to business, protecting your staff and your customers with a high quality, UK-manufactured and certified face mask. And we have the volume to meet your needs, with an initial daily manufacturing capacity of 300,000 units which we can quickly scale up.

Securely made in a medical-grade facility with supply chain integrity built-in: this is Ventil.  This is the future of doing business.